Are you a fan of tycoon titles? Then you may want to add Transport Fever 2 to your wishlist, because this is shaping up to be one of the densest management sims you’re likely to find on PS5 and PS4. Due out imminently, on 9th March, the console port of this highly rated PC release will see you managing transportation networks from the 1850s through to the modern day.

You’ll need to build transportation links to ensure your cities are well serviced, including roads, rails, harbours, and airports. This all comes with a dizzying amount of depth, meaning you’ll not only need to account for how people get about, but also how busy certain connections are and take steps to mitigate these potential bottlenecks.

You’ll not only need to think about the public and commercial districts, but also supply chains, flow, and more. At launch, you’ll be able to play across three different continents, with over 200 different vehicles modelled in “extreme detail”. Pre-orders will come with a selection of additional vehicle skins, while those who pod out for the Deluxe Edition will unlock some extra transportation methods and scenarios.

To be honest, we’re impressed to see a simulation as dense as this ported to PlayStation platforms, and judging by the embedded gameplay video, the user interface looks to have been considerately condensed to Sony’s controller. Do you see yourself as a kind of fledgling logistical legend? Let us know in the comments section below.