Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE PS5 PS4 PlayStation Sony 1

Spike Chunsoft’s anime-influenced detective series Danganronpa was a pretty big hit on PSP initially, before expanding to other platforms like PS Vita and PS4. But its spiritual successor, Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE, looks like it could skip PlayStation platforms – at least for now. The release was dated at the latest Nintendo Direct, with no mention of any timed or console exclusivity this time. (A previous trailer had indicated it’d launch “first” on Nintendo Switch.)

We checked in with the developer to see if it had plans to bring the title to PlayStation at any point, but it told us in no uncertain terms that the release is “for Nintendo Switch only”. While its stance may very well soften over time, we were anticipating a less concrete statement from the company, suggesting PS5 and PS4 could be off the agenda right now.

It’s one area where Nintendo’s overall success in Japan has started to impact PlayStation’s software lineup. While the majority of Japanese games still target PS5 and PS4, those smaller, nicher titles which were once the bread-and-butter of platforms like the PSP and PS Vita have started to release elsewhere. Let’s hope RAIN CODE eventually investigates Sony’s systems, regardless of what the publisher is saying at the moment.