NIS Anniversary Livestream

Nippon Ichi Software (commonly known as NIS) is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. As such, the Japanese outfit, probably best known for the Disgaea series these days, has confirmed a special anniversary livestream for Monday the 30th January, at 6PM UK time / 1PM Eastern / 10AM Pacific. It's happening over at

Now, this event is being presented through the company's Western arm, NIS America (NISA), so featured announcements will be targeting audiences outside of Japan. We've been promised "new NIS game announcements, new merch, and giveaways".

It's possible that we'll get a localisation announcement for Disgaea 7, which was revealed back in August. The strategy RPG is launching in Japan tomorrow, at the time of writing. Beyond that, we're not sure what could be in store.

Do you have any particular hopes for this stream? Give us a "dood!" in the comments section below.