HBO's The Last of Us adaptation is proving to be quite a hit, with the opening episode alone causing a massive uptick in video game sales through the magic of synergy, with the show drawing a record amount of eyeballs in the process.

This week was no different, with Variety revealing that the drama had set another benchmark, this time for the largest-ever growth in viewership between a premiere (4.7 million) and the second episode (5.7 million), marking an impressive 22% jump. You can check out our review of Episode 2 here.

As is now tradition, we also got a teaser of next week's episode, this time giving us an extended look at grizzled survivor Bill, played by Nick Offerman, who is perhaps best known for playing grizzled Parks Director Ron Swanson in the excellent comedy series Parks & Recreation.

Is the sky really the limit for The Last of Us in terms of mainstream breakthrough? What do you think of Bill, and the little we get to see of Frank? Prepare for the worst in the comments section below.