Dead Space PS5 PlayStation

The eagerly anticipated and completely remade Dead Space launches today, meaning faithful survival horror stans can relive the nightmare that is the Ishimura all over again. If that wasn't enough for you, EA has confirmed that the title will ship with New Game Plus for all you completionists out there.

Little is known about Dead Space's New Game Plus Mode, but no doubt we will know more in the hours to come. What we do know is this: Isaac will gain access to the Level 6 Advanced Suit, will face off against new Phantom Variant Necromorphs, and there will be a secret ending of some description.

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Now, we brought you word of an alternate ending when Dead Space's Trophy list dropped on Monday, and so we are presuming this secret and alternate ending are one and the same, and are tied to the Reunion Trophy. How to unlock it remains a mystery... for now.

We really enjoyed our time with Dead Space, and if you were a fan of the original, we have to imagine you will too. Dead Space launches today, 27th January, on PS5. Remember to cut off their limbs in the comments section below.