In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Disney all-time classic, Adidas and EA Sports have announced that a handful of items themed after The Mighty Ducks are headed to NHL 23. Of course, The Mighty Ducks were a real team in the NHL for years before tragically dropping the 'Mighty' from their name and abandoning their beautiful colour scheme of eggplant and aqua for something more closely resembling vomit. This is a celebration of the original movie, though, so you'll be seeing the charming vibrant green sweaters on the ice.

The collection of items is free, you need simply claim them. If you hop into World of CHEL or HUT you'll be able to redeem a pack that includes:

  • World of CHEL Mighty Ducks Jersey
  • World of CHEL Hawks Jersey
  • World of CHEL Mighty Ducks Ultraboost Skates
  • World of CHEL Hawks Ultraboost Skates
  • Hockey Ultimate Team Mighty Ducks Jersey
  • Hockey Ultimate Team Hawks Jersey

For those who don't remember, the Hawks are the rival team The Mighty Ducks have to defeat in the original movie, so seeing both teams represented for this event is a nice touch. Additionally, you'll receive a HUT puck where you can pick a Ducks legend to add to your roster. Sadly this doesn't include the likes of Charlie Conway or Adam Banks, but you can pick from:

  • Andy McDonald
  • Teemu Selanne
  • Francois Beauchemin
  • Saku Koivu
  • Scott Niedermeyer
  • Jean-Sebastien Giguere

This is a fun little tie-in to celebrate the anniversary of one of the great hockey movies, and we will for sure be repping those jerseys any time we jump in World of CHEL going forward. How about you? Do you want to grab these items? Get quacking in the comments!