Geoff Keighley is addicted to the hype. He's on the cusp of broadcasting Gamescom Opening Night Live, but he can't help but look forward to his next big, exciting show. Indeed, The Game Awards, Keighley's annual awards ceremony (but mostly just a very late E3 press conference) will return this December for its ninth iteration.

Keighley has just announced the date for this upcoming event, so mark your calendars — 8th December 2022 is when it's happening:

This year's Game Awards will introduce a new award category, Best Adaptation. This recognises the best adaptations of video games into other media, like movies, TV shows, books, and so on. With so many series and films based on games hitting our screens, it only makes sense.

Other details are thin on the ground right now, though we do know The Game Awards will be brought to IMAX theatres in addition to being live streamed on every video service known to humanity. Of course, you can expect some game announcements, updates, and some cringe-inducing dialogue in between the awards themselves. As always, we can't wait.

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