Chances are that if you're not a fighting game afficionado, you've probably never heard of The Rumble Fish 2. It's a strangely named Japanese fighter that first released in 2005, and it became something of a cult hit with arcade enthusiasts. For years, fans have claimed that the property deserves a real chance on consoles — and it's finally happening.

Scheduled for this winter, The Rumble Fish 2 is being ported to PS5 and PS4. It comes complete with a number of enhancements, including all-important rollback netcode, which should allow for smooth online play.

The full breakdown from the official press release is as follows: "In addition to a widescreen, 16:9 presentation modernizing the game’s gorgeous graphics and animation, players can hone their skills in the all-new Practice Mode before testing their mettle against rivals all around the world in online PvP battles powered by rollback netcode – a feature considered absolutely essential by top fighting game players. The Practice Mode will allow customization of AI and gauges for a better learning experience. Hardcore fans can also look forward to revelling in a smattering of character art, music, behind-the-scenes production materials, and more in the all-new Gallery mode."

Are you familiar with The Rumble Fish? Does this console port sound like a dream come true? Show off your obscure fighting game knowledge in the comments section below.