We haven’t seen enough 120fps games on console recently, but Shinorubi seems like a perfect fit. Inspired by classic Japanese bullet hell titles, this outing aims to obliterate your eyeballs with some of the most explosive action on PlayStation in some time. Seriously, just soak up all that Engrish in the trailer and the sheer number of bullets on screen.

While the game is also coming to PS4, it’s PS5 owners who will enjoy the optimal experience, with the shmup running at 120fps in 4K on compatible screens. “With 8 different spaceships and as many play styles as well as various Arrange Modes, Shinorubi offers maximum replayability,” the press release boasts. “Extremely challenging as every worthy bullet hell shmup should be, Shinorubi is also welcoming of players new to the genre with its multiple difficulty levels.”

The game — originally developed by Last Boss 88 but ported and published by Red Art Games — is due out next year, but will be on display at Gamescom in Cologne next month. Reckon you’ve got the reaction times to master this?

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