Yacht Club Games, the creator of Shovel Knight, has a brand new game – and it’s a The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons era Game Boy Color-inspired adventure for the PlayStation 5 and PS4 named Mina the Hollower. Frankly, this looks incredible: it has the look of a classic handheld title, but clearly it’s leveraging the power of its contemporary target platforms to do so much more than Nintendo’s legendary purple portable ever could.

You’ll be exploring in slick 60 frames-per-second, burrowing through the ground in order to get the jump on your adversaries, and then whipping them from behind. The game’s got a gothic horror aesthetic, with a cute and cuddly twist, which makes for an eye-popping 8-bit visual style. The story will take you to the blossoming Tenebrous Isle, which is dealing with a blackout following the mysterious shutdown of its Spark Technology.

“You will use a myriad of weapons and oddball trinkets to vanquish the monsters thwarting Mina’s objective,” the official blurb reads. “Along the way, you’ll unearth the deep, dark secrets concealed beneath the island's newfound prosperity.”

It all looks and sounds superb, doesn’t it, but there is a catch: the game’s being crowd-funded on Kickstarter – at least partially!

“Compared to our original Kickstarter, we’re not in dire straits!” the developer explained. “We’re financing a majority of Mina the Hollower's development internally. Our main reason for launching a Kickstarter this time is to build a brand new universe in the same way we did with our first game, Shovel Knight, with our community involved in creating something special along with us. Every backer that joins the development will help to make a more robust game. Together, we’ll break new ground!”

The title’s seeking $311,503, and is already well on its way to making it. You can pledge $20 for a day one copy of the game, which is currently slated for a December 2023 release. The most expensive tiers, like the $3,000 option, will see you brought into the creative process, as you work on elements of the title alongside Yacht Club Games.

What do you reckon, then? Is this a worthy successor to Shovel Knight? Are you a fan of the old-school Game Boy Color aesthetic? Turn back time in the comments section below.

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