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While you will have to field some “very strong” moral choices during your time with Horizon Forbidden West, the decisions you make will all culminate in a single “impactful” ending. That means, unlike most modern RPGs, there are not multiple endings to uncover – just the one, canon conclusion. We suspect said decisions you make along the way will alter your route to the finale.

Narrative director Benjamin McCaw was speaking with Italian website Everyeye, as translated by WCCFTech and spotted by PS Lifestyle. He added that the campaign is set six months after the events of Horizon Zero Dawn, and there are signs of a critical error in the terraforming operation. It touches upon themes of climate change, and the effects that’ll have on the local ecology.

If you’re not up to speed with Aloy’s story so far, you can read our Horizon Zero Dawn story summary through the link, which should help to jog your memory and get you prepared for the impending sequel.

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