PlayStation Store

It wasn't that long ago that video game prices were rather flat; most would cost about the same, regardless of what was on the disc. However, these days, prices run the gamut from £70 (or potentially more) for top end experiences, all the way to less than a quid. The digital, self-publishing age lets games of all shapes and sizes enter the fray, and marketplaces like PlayStation Store are bursting with bargain bin titles. At the moment, though, some of these things are on sale, pushing the lower limit down to ludicrous levels.

In the PS Store's current Indies sale, which includes thousands of titles, prices are dipping as low as 10 pence, or 12 American cents. You can get a couple of games on your PS5 or PS4 for about the same price as a Freddo.

In fact, for a dollar and change — $1.46, or £1.09, to be precise — you can get seven whole games. Of course, they're proper bottom of the barrel titles, but it's just kind of mad, isn't it? Violetti Goottii (the 10p/12 cents title), Timberman Vs, No Thing, Gunducky Industries++, Newtonian Inversion, Ascendshaft and Endless Shaft, and Lizard Lady vs the Cats come to the aforementioned grand total. That's some serious bang for your literal buck. These are far from the only games going for pennies, either; plenty of them can be had for less than a pound. There's probably more loose change rattling around in your car.

This article isn't particularly serious, but it should be said there are a lot of great deals in this sale. We just couldn't help but notice this extremely low end of the scale. Might as well be giving these things away. Anyway, have you been grabbing any bargains from PS Store? Tell us in the comments section below.

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