Be real for just a second before we go over the details of this update: did you forget that Outriders released this year? Because we sure did! The looter-shooter launched for both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on the 1st April, 2021 (cue April Fools jokes), and quite frankly, we've heard bugger all about the title ever since. Outriders isn't a bad game — we gave it a 7/10 in our review — but it just seemed to come and go.

Anyway, it's back, and it's getting a sizeable helping of free content. The 'New Horizon' update lands on the 16th November, offering four new expeditions, a transmog system so that you can alter the look of your gear without losing the stats, and more.

Here's a breakdown from the official press release: " New Horizon introduces four new Expeditions, an all-new Transmog system, removed timers in Expeditions, new weapon skins, rebalanced Classes, Skills and Mods, and an overhaul to Tiagos Expedition store and his vendor items, as well as many more general improvements and updates to the game. This massive update acts as the culmination to the months-long work to improve the Outriders player experience."

To be fair, this sounds like a really good update, and we imagine that it'll be enough to lure some lapsed players back into the fray. You can catch up on all the additions and changes in detail in the game's official Reddit thread.

On top of that, developer People Can Fly has announced that Outriders' first expansion, titled Worldslayer, will deploy in 2022, with a full reveal promised for the spring.

So, Outriders... are you still playing it? Will you go back for this update? Don't forget to reload in the comments section below.