Bithell Games makes some pretty unusual stuff, which is probably to be expected from a team that brought us Thomas Was Alone. One of its recent efforts, The Solitaire Conspiracy, put a neon-tinged twist on a classic card game, not only creating a unique suit-matching puzzle, but embellishing it with a dramatic story about spies and subterfuge. It's very left-field, but that's fine by us.

The reason we bring it up is that the game has now been announced for PlayStation 5. It released last year on PC and earlier this year on Switch, and is finally shuffling onto Sony's system.

Just to recap: The Solitaire Conspiracy is essentially a single-player game of cards, but with a narrative about factions and spymasters, fuelled by FMV sequences. It also happens to star Greg Miller and Inel Tomlinson among its cast. Your end goal is getting each of the four suits together in the foundations, with all the cards needing to be organised on the outside beforehand. Kings, Queens, and Jacks can come with power-ups to help you get the job done, and it's all presented in lavish style. Take a look at it in the above trailer.

It's heading to PS5 on 3rd November, so it's not far away at all. Called a Bithell Short, we don't expect this to be a particularly long experience, but it seems like a neat experiment. What do you think of The Solitaire Conspiracy? Will you be playing on PS5 next month? Suit up in the comments section below.