It's not every day a developer allows you to simply turn off one of the new features in its games, but that's exactly what Frogwares is doing with Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One. The studio has today debuted a new trailer focused entirely on the title's combat, and you needn't engage with any of it if you don't want to. Detective Holmes supposedly has a small health pool, meaning combat likely won't be easy. Footage also shares a mechanic that allows you to slow down time, making it easier to place your shots.

Frogwares' previous title, The Sinking City, also had gun combat but it certainly wasn't the game's best aspect. With non-lethal takedowns thrown into the mix, let's hope Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One improves upon it.

On the topic of allowing you to turn combat off completely, game designer Yaroslav Martyniuk said: "We are very aware that combat is seen as a great addition for some and a bit of an immersion breaker for others. So we’ve designed the combat encounters to be notable parts of certain quests, but also allow you to tweak the difficulty or even skip them entirely if you don’t enjoy their pace. The outcomes of how you complete combat encounters have small influences on your game, but not to the extent that by turning it off you lose out on extensive content or it hinders your progress."

It sounds like the game plays just fine without these combat sections if you're not interested, then. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One hits PS5 on 16th November 2021, with a PS4 version coming later. Will you be giving combat a go or will you immediately turn it off? Share your thoughts in the comments below.