XCOM developer Firaxis Games has today shared the first public glimpse of Marvel's Midnight Suns gameplay ahead of its launch in March 2022, detailing what it will be like to fight alongside the superheroes of the comic book universe. In short, it doesn't really play like the tactical titles the studio is known for. You will instead select random cards from a deck and then activate their abilities, all of which is explained in the six-minute gameplay video embedded above.

Battles are fought with teams of three, and the new superhero known as the Hunter will always be by your side. She can be fully customised (cosmetically and with new skills and abilities), but also provides the perspective outside of clashes with those who want to take the superhero task force down. When you're not fighting, you'll be able to explore a hub area called the Abbey. Here you can interact with other characters, selecting dialogue options and strengthening your bonds with them in order to unlock new powers for use in battle. You can also acquire new abilities for yourself back at the aforementioned base.

What do you make of Marvel's Midnight Suns? Are you interested in its card-based battle system or does it actually turn you off? Share your thoughts in the comments below.