F1 2021 is an excellent racing game and a great simulation of the motorsport, but it has one or two missing pieces to make it truly definitive. While the title launched with most of this season's Grand Prix courses included, three tracks were notably absent. Of course, Codemasters promised to bring them to the game later down the line, and it's now given us more info on when to expect the missing races.

The good news is that the first major update is available right now on PlayStation 5 and PS4, and it adds the first of these tracks: Portimao, the Portuguese Grand Prix. The real-world race took place back in May, so it's nice to finally have it included. This game update is free to download and install. The track isn't the only addition, though: today's update also includes the Aston Martin safety car, updates to car performances (bringing them more in-line with their real-life counterparts), and a free trial, so you can take the game for a test drive.

In October, the Italian circuit known as Imola will be added to the game alongside F1 Sports livery updates. Finally, Jeddah Street Circuit — the brand new track in Saudi Arabia — will arrive in-game in November, when Codies will also add in the F2 2021 season for you to enjoy.

Plenty on the way, then, and it's all free of charge, so no need to worry. Will you be firing up Portimao today in F1 2021? Which of these missing tracks are you most excited to spin out on? Watch out for that nasty hairpin in the comments section below.