Xbox 360 classic Alan Wake is exactly one week away from making its debut on PlayStation systems with a remastered version, and courtesy of IGN, we can now take a look at what the updated re-release looks like when running on current-gen hardware. Seven minutes of 4K gameplay are embedded above, and you needn't worry about spoilers; this footage takes place relatively early on in the game.

Following a car crash, Alan Wake wakes up to find his wife Alice missing with no recollection of how his car found itself balanced on the edge of a cliff. He has to make his way through the forest to reach a nearby gas station in order to use their phone and call for help. Wake, however, eventually encounters some of the supernatural entities that haunt Bright Falls. It's here where the famous flashlight comes into play.

The gameplay footage immediately proves how much a step up Alan Wake Remastered is over the 2010 original, with far better lighting and a huge glow up for overall visuals. The cutscenes look fantastic too; not particularly out of place on a PS5, either. The remaster hits PS5 and PS4 on 5th October 2021, and we hope to bring your our full impressions before then. Are you interested? Shine a light in the comments below.