The final piece of DLC for strategy RPG Wasteland 3 has been dated for 5th October 2021, meaning InXile's post-launch support concludes with the Cult of the Holy Detonation expansion. Priced at $6.99, it can be purchased standalone or picked up as part of the expansion pass. If you don't own the game just yet, the Wasteland 3: Colorado Collection will be available on the same aforementioned date, bundling the base game in with its two DLC pieces for £54.99/$59.99.

Set within the Cheyenne Mountain complex, "mutant cults worship an ancient deity they call the Holy Detonation—a nuclear explosion held in stasis. Whether god, science experiment, or accidental miracle, the Detonation’s energy could power Colorado Springs for hundreds of years, or level it in an instant. The warring cults have differing opinions on who should be allowed to honor their god, and you’re going to have to muscle your way to the altar."

The last Wasteland 3 expansion will contain new enemies, characters, weapons and armour, and many more combat encounters. When we reviewed the original game on PS4, we concluded with an 8/10 rating and said: "If you can look past the bugs, there's so much to love about this deliciously dark humoured excursion." This sounds like even more of the same.