The Touryst is a game that seemed to appear for a day or two a couple of years back and then vanished into thin air. Well received by critics and players, it's a 3D action adventure set in a sandbox holiday destination called Monument Islands. You can get up to all sorts of stuff, like playing arcade games, surfing, diving in the sea, or solving the mysteries of an ancient civilisation. Out on pretty much everything else alraedy, it looks like the indie title is finally hitting PlayStation.

A PS Store wishlist page has been spotted by Gematsu, showing that the game will release on Sony's systems on 9th September 2021. It doesn't specify PS5, PS4, or both, but it's hitting the last-gen machine at the very least.

As you can see in the above video, the game sports a clean, voxel based art style and has a variety of activities to enjoy. While this Store page has essentially confirmed the port's existence, there's no official confirmation just yet, but that's no doubt just around the corner. What do you think about The Touryst? Wear your finest Hawaiian shirt in the comments section below.

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