Tales of Arise PS5 PS4 Demo

Bandai Namco is offering fans the chance to get some hands on time with next month's Tales of Arise as a free demo is now scheduled to hit the PlayStation Store next week. Available on both the PS5 and PS4 platforms, the series' Twitter account simply pitches it as a "free play demo", but we happen to know a few extra details.

You'll be able to experience everything Tales of Arise has to offer throughout the playable teaser, including battles, boss fights, camping, cooking, skits, and side quests. All characters will be playable too within the demo, which goes live on the PS Store starting 18th August 2021. The game itself then comes to PS5 and PS4 a few weeks later on 10th September 2021. While we expect the content offering to be different, you can read our first impressions from a recent Tales of Arise hands on session through the link.

Will you be playing this demo ahead of release? Let us know in the comments below.

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