Do not adjust your screens — this is not a trailer for Streets of Rage 4. This is Mayhem Brawler, a game that features more than a passing resemblance to Dotemu's beloved beat-'em-up. Particularly in terms of art style, this thing is unbelievably similar; when we initially saw a screenshot of the game, we were totally fooled until we had a closer look.

So, what's this game's deal? Mayhem Brawler is more or less what you'd expect — it's a side-scrolling beat-'em-up inspired by 90s classics, featuring local co-op and, yes, an art style that screams SoR4. However, it does have its own twist on things. You play as super-powered law enforcement agents laying down justice in Mayhem City, fighting all kinds of goons and fantastical creatures. More importantly, though, the game will have three endings, and the campaign will feature branching paths via choices you make, and these decisions will affect the outcome.

Honestly, it doesn't look too shabby, but it's just asking to be compared to Streets of Rage 4 with that comic book presentation. Hopefully it can stand on its own two legs when it arrives on PlayStation 4 on 19th August. Will you be checking out Mayhem Brawler? Discuss in the comments section below.