Knockout City is in the middle of Season 2 right now, which brought a movies theme to the entertaining multiplayer brawler. Now, it's on the brink of introducing a wild new limited time event called Knockout City Heroes. It's spearheaded by a playlist called Superpowers! — a new mode that adds, well, superpowers into the dodgeball chaos.

Available from 24th August through to 7th September, the new playlist adds seven power-ups to the core 3v3 template. Here's what they all do, as outlined in the press release:

  • Ballform Bounce - While in Ballform, bounce pads will Ultimate Throw you!
  • Charge-Up - Gain extra overcharge from catches and passes!
  • Tackle Strike - Tackle your opponents to deal damage!
  • Double Jump - Jump again in the air!
  • Healing Powers - Heal your hearts back over time!
  • Strength - Pick up opponents by tackling them!
  • X-Ray Vision - See and target players through walls!

These will really change how the normal game is played, and it should all make for a chaotic new mode. Regenerating hearts? Damage via tackles? We'll definitely be giving it a spin. Playing Superpowers! mode will reward you with Power Crystals, which you can exchange for superhero-themed goodies in a special section of the in-game shop. Of course, there will be new Contracts to complete as well, which will also give you those Power Crystals needed for the exclusive cosmetics.

Will you be checking out Knockout City Heroes when it gets started tomorrow? Hold out for a hero in the comments section below.