The embargo on a new wave of Far Cry 6 previews has just lifted, allowing various outlets the chance to share their first thoughts based on four to five hours of gameplay. The overwhelming theme quickly materialising is that the sixth entry is absolutely more Far Cry rather than a new take on the series. That was to be expected since marketing hasn't hinted at an overhaul, but it does spell bad news for those sick and tired of the FPS formula.

The preview from IGN, for example, details how character progression appears to have received the most notable overhaul. Instead of levelling up and slotting skill points into an ability tree, you'll now need to focus on improving equipable gear. It sounds quite a lot like a loot system, which may be music to the ears for some of you. Elsewhere, cutscenes are now presented in the third person and enemies have health bars viewable in the hud. Why does that final point already feel like clutching at straws? Well, it feels like most of these previews simply want to tell you this is even more Far Cry.

Easy Allies points this out in another preview you can view below. As Ben Moore says: "It's familiar to a fault." The game launches for PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 7th October 2021.

Are you interested in some more Far Cry, or are you done with this type of game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.