If you’ve been looking for a change of scenery in Train Sim World 2, then Cane Creek may be what you’ve been searching for. This relatively modern haulage line serves a mining facility in Utah, and is bringing some of the most stunning scenery to Dovetail’s simulator we’ve seen thus far. You’ll be commandeering the AC4400CW through canyons and Wild West-esque deserts, as you work from Brendel to Potash.

Available now from the PS Store for £24.99/$24.99, the line features everything you’d expect from a Train Sim World 2 expansion, including multiple scenarios and a full timetable to complete. You’ll also be able to create your own journeys using the Scenario Planner and edit the livery of the AC4400CW to your liking. Feedback online has been overwhelmingly positive for this addition, and it does look like a breath of fresh air compared to the usual European routes.

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