We've known about the upcoming Streets of Rage 4 DLC for a while now, but publisher Dotemu has finally given us a release date. Mr. X Nightmare, the expansion announced back in April, will hit the mean streets on 15th July for $7.99.

Let's recap what's included. The main attraction of this DLC pack is the trio of new playable characters: Estel, Max, and Shiva. They fill out what was already a pretty robust roster of fighters, giving fans some brand new movesets to master. As well as the new characters, Mr. X Nightmare introduces new music from Tee Lopes, a customisation feature to tweak a fighter's moves, and a Survival Mode. This is the subject of the above video, and it looks pretty mad. Playing in a simulation, you'll battle tougher and tougher groups of enemies while upgrading your chosen brawler in flashy arenas laden with new weapons and traps.

It all seems pretty good for the price, and will no doubt keep fans invested and finding those ridiculous combos. Adjacent to the DLC is a free update for all players that will add Mania+ difficulty and a training mode, so veterans can really test their skills while newbies can build them up.

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