Sonic Colors: Ultimate brings the fan favourite title back on PlayStation 4, and the remaster looks like a pretty significant improvement on the original. In this new trailer, the 2010 Wii game is put side by side with the modern edition, and the difference is clear. Of course, a 4K, 60 frames-per-second remaster made 11 years later is always going to look superior, but it's still good to put it in context.

In addition to the visual boost, the game has a number of other new features and changes highlighted in the video. Rival Rush is a new mode in which you race through levels against Metal Sonic. If you win, you earn rewards of some sort. It looks like a neat addition, and will give veterans something new to conquer. Ultimate will also include customisation items you can purchase with Park Tokens, letting you outfit the hedgehog with gloves, shoes, auras, and boosts.

Then there's the Jade Ghost, a new Wisp that allows Sonic to pass through solid objects to reach hidden spots. Finally, the remaster will include customisable controls and a system whereby Tails can rescue you from falls, making the game that little bit more accessible.

You can see all this in action in the trailer. Sonic Colors: Ultimate is due out on 7th September, and it looks like a solid update to one of the blue blur's better received 3D outings. Will you be playing this one? Home in on the comments section below.