Update: Well, here's your first look at the new Skate game. Not really, it's still incredibly early, of course — it's a behind-the-scenes instead. The video focuses on motion capture, as well as some clips of feedback from fans. Check it out:

It sounds like the game's going to be largely what we expected: an online open world where you can customise your character and interact with others while performing rad tricks. Hopefully we get a better look at the in-production project soon.

Original Story: Last year, during Electronic Arts' not-E3 presentation EA Play Live, it was revealed that a new entry in the beloved Skate series is in development at a brand new studio, Full Circle. That's the extent of the public knowledge surrounding this game right now, so it's pretty clear that this thing is going to take a while. Anybody hoping to see something — anything — about this project may be disappointed to learn, then, that Skate will not be showing up during the publisher's showcase this week.

The developer took to social media to confirm the news, but with a silver lining at the end:

In its statement, Full Circle explains it's spent its first year building the team and getting started on the game, but that it's simply "not ready for prime time". The studio says it's "still early and we're committed to doing this thing right", which sounds like a good attitude.

However, it goes on to tease that it'll be sharing "a little something" at some point today. This could be absolutely anything, especially considering how early things are. It'll be something relatively small; a finalised title, a logo, perhaps a piece of concept artwork. Stilll, whatever it is, fans will be excited to get some sort of update. We'll be sure to share whatever it is when it happens.

Are you looking forward to Skate 4, or whatever it turns out to be called? Revert to the comments section below.

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