The original Windjammers was lovingly revived and brought back on PlayStation 4, and it's just as good today as it was back in the 90s. The top-down game of lobbing Frisbees back and forth is a summery delight, and the modern re-release from Dotemu is a blast with all its mod cons like online play. A sequel is in development, aptly named Windjammers 2, but has yet to be confirmed for Sony's hardware. However, it looks as though we may get our time in the sun after all.

PSN releases is an automated Twitter bot account that tweets whenever something new arrives on the PlayStation Store servers. This includes upcoming games as well as patches, so it posts pretty frequently. As you can see below (and pointed out by Gematsu), the account has found a Windjammers 2 open beta:

The client has appeared on the European PS Store servers too. It would seem, then, that Windjammers 2 — currently announced for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia — is indeed coming to PS4, with an open beta going live in the near future.

The sequel introduces an updated art style, new gameplay mechanics and features, and new characters and stages. The action looks to be largely the same, but original moves and abilities look to set it apart from the Neo Geo classic. It was delayed into 2021, but perhaps this news means it's not too far away now.

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