The pretty good Souls-like out of developer Cold Symmetry titled Mortal Shell is being treated to a new piece of DLC on 18th August 2021 that makes it a roguelike. Named The Virtuous Cycle, it will be available for both the original game on PlayStation 4 as well as the PS5's Enhanced Edition. Check out the trailer above for more context.

Footage shows a new Shell you can encase your character in and a brand new transforming weapon. Anyone for some Bloodborne? There's also a new lute, because of course there is. The DLC will cost £6.99/$7.99. "Scattered across the land are pillars that will bestow new talents for you to inherit. With more than 100 new abilities to discover and combine together - from exotic weapon enhancements to entirely new combat maneuvers - players are free to create and develop their very own combat style."

When we reviewed the enhanced PS5 version recently, we concluded: "Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is undeniably inspired by the likes of Dark Souls, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While the upgrade doesn’t fix every technical problem the original had, the PS5 enhancements are enough to make this version the definitive version of the game. If Demon's Souls didn’t scratch your Souls-like itch, Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition is worth a try." The Virtuous Cycle DLC will be even more of a good thing, then.