Madden NFL 21’s story was a car crash, but EA Sports is giving Face of the Franchise one more run in Madden NFL 22. The mode will once again see you start out at college before getting drafted to the NFL, and you’ll be able to select from a variety of different classes to determine your personality on the turf. For the first time ever, you’ll also be able to play as a linebacker, shifting the action to the defensive side of the field.

“Earn the No. 1 overall pick, expect the unexpected as you adapt to the weekly routine as an NFL rookie, play like a superstar on the field, and use your influence to become a hero off of it as you progress,” the blurb reads. It sounds very similar to last year’s release, although a lot denser – there’ll be podcast shows that will discuss milestones in your career, and multi-game scenarios will challenge you to come up clutch as you become an essential cog in your franchise.

Let’s hope the script and voice acting is a step up as well, because let’s be honest, the Tragic Tale of Tommy Matthews was a travesty.