Lost Judgment got a new gameplay trailer during Sony's latest State of Play, and boy does this sequel look good. Private detective Yagami is back to crack another grizzly murder case, but this time, it seems as though a range of ridiculous minigames will be vying for your attention.

Of course, Judgment had plenty of minigames as well — in true Yakuza fashion — but this is on another level. The above gameplay trailer gives us a sneak peak at activities such as boxing, dancing, robot fighting, motorbike racing, skateboarding, and, er, dog walking (kind of). In short, we're beyond hyped.

The trailer also reminds us about the sequel's fleshed out investigation elements, stealth gameplay, and Yagami's new counter-based snake style combat stance. The game's out pretty soon, too; its worldwide release is on the 24th September.

Lost Judgment is shaping up to be an absolutely packed sequel, but are you in? Dust off your leather jacket in the comments section below.