Intriguing survival horror RPG Chernobylite has a new trailer, which reconfirms that the game will launch on PlayStation 4 this summer. The PC version arrives on the 28th July, so we assume that the console launch can't be far off.

The Chernobyl-set adventure sees you explore, scavenge, and shoot your way through the dangerously irradiated disaster zone in search of your lost lover.

Again, this is a full-on RPG. You'll be tasked with building a base of operations, from which you'll establish relationships with your team. You'll also be able to tweak your playstyle, opting for either stealth or all-out combat. Naturally, you'll be able to customise your weapons as well.

It all sounds great, and we should have a confirmed release date soon. What's more, a PS5 version is in the works — but there's no release window for that, other than "2021".