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Sony has confirmed the official PlayStation website will be relieved of its social feature, MyPlayStation. As of 28th June 2021, users will no longer be able to access this part of the site, further pushing people away from browsers and towards the app or the consoles themselves.

MyPlayStation is essentially a way to access your PSN account and information on the web. It lets you view your Friends list, messages, Parties, Trophy information, and profile info when you log in. It's obviously useful to have access to this sort of thing wherever possible, so it's a shame to see this functionality being removed from the website in a few weeks.

You have to wonder why Sony came to this decision, and it's possible that it's partly down to a limited number of active users. Plus, as we mentioned, it makes sense that the company wants people using the app and especially their PS5 and PS4 consoles for any social features.

Anyway, there you have it. You won't be able to use the PlayStation site to check your messages or Trophies after this month. Does that bother you? Do you use MyPlayStation on the web on a regular basis? Tell us in the comments section below.

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