Madden NFL 22’s big new gameplay feature this year is what it’s describing as Dynamic Gameday – and unfortunately for PlayStation 4 owners, it’ll only be available on next-gen consoles. The idea is that the title aims to better capture what it’s like playing in a real-life NFL game, so if you’re away from home and attempting to mount a comeback against a particularly rowdy crowd, for example, you may struggle to get out instructions to your teammates.

Making a big play can silence the stadium, swinging momentum back in your favour – all of which manifests itself courtesy of a new meter that ebbs-and-flows depending on the swing of the match. Each stadium has unique attributes and perks associated with it, whether it’s reduced stamina in Denver or stronger winds in Chicago, and the idea is that every match is supposed to feel unique and bring with it new challenges.

Pair this with the updates to Franchise mode that are being made, and there should be a lot more variety in single player. The video above notes that 80 per cent of Madden NFL 21’s matches were played offline, so it’s revamped the AI to make it more realistic and engaging. But while we appreciate all of the additions and improvements being touted here, we can’t help but notice the many familiar animations being used in the footage itself.