Living up to the promise made by developer Sumo Digital in the lead up to launch, the first post-launch content addition for Hood: Outlaws & Legends adds a new map to the online experience for free. Simply titled Mountain, it's available now. This is just the first in a seemingly long line of free updates planned for the game, with more coming in the first season. A seasonal update is also set to contain another game mode and character to play as.

The first post-launch map begins to fix one of the few issues we had with Hood: Outlaws & Legends at launch, which was simply the lack of content along with a small player base. "Content is light at launch, but the game is priced accordingly and there’s a huge roadmap of updates planned, so that’s not the end of the world. More concerning is the fact that, even with crossplay enabled, you can be waiting up to ten minutes for a full lobby." You can learn much more in the 7/10 Push Square review.

Are you still playing Hood: Outlaws & Legends? How's this new map? Share your thoughts in the comments below.