Sonic the Hedgehog! He's so cool. Look at him, with his blue spines, his red sneakers, and his ice cold attitude — or should that be raditude? Watch out, Mario — Sonic's making you look like an old man.

Whoa, dude, check out this rad Sonic Colors: Ultimate gameplay video! The Wii exclusive game, which fans would describe as "way past cool", is coming back on PlayStation 4 with this remaster, and GamesRadar has exclusive footage of one of its stages — Tropical Resort Act 2. Only an 'A' rank? Whoever was playing this is obviously a total dingus! 'S' rank or nothing, dudes!

The game's speeding onto PS4 on 7th September, and it's looking super rad — but what do you think? Will you be running around at the speed of sound when Sonic Colors: Ultimate launches? Tap your foot with raditude in the comments section below.