Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade File Size

The PlayStation 5 can make use of impressive compression tech to help cut down on file sizes, but Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade hasn't seen much of an improvement over its PS4 predecessor. Last-gen Final Fantasy VII Remake took up a whopping 86GB or so, and Intergrade isn't much better. According to PlayStation Game Size, it weighs in at 81.3GB without a day one patch on PS5.

It's not quite the reduction that we were hoping for, but it's not the end of the world. Now we just pray that those awful texture issues are fixed...

It's also unclear whether this total includes the Yuffie expansion, INTERmission. We don't yet know whether that's an entirely separate download, or whether it's mostly contained within Intergrade. If it is separate, then this overall file size could get quite a bit chunkier.

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