Developer Okomotive is making a sequel to indie hit FAR: Lone Sails. Just announced at the PC Gaming Show but also coming to PlayStation 5 and PS4, FAR: Changing Tides is slated for a release at the end of this year. As you'll probably tell from the trailer above, the follow-up ditches sand dunes for the sea breeze. Take control of an abandoned ship and search for clues that tell the tale of your home, all the while braving the ocean waves within a drowned landscape.

The game is said to be more of a complimentary tale to the original title rather than a direct sequel, and one that "would be familiar to fans but fresh and exciting". FAR: Changing Tides brings back the beautiful art style, laidback gameplay approach and soundtrack composer Joel Schoch, but everything else will be fresh. Zac Antonaci, head of publishing at Frontier Foundry, explained: "What Don and the rest of the developers have created with Changing Tides is a fantastic continuation of their brand and we’re delighted to be involved in bringing this to fans, leveraging Frontier’s legacy as a developer and publisher."

When we reviewed FAR: Lone Sails on PS4 back in April 2019, we praised its art direction and compelling nature. After a 7/10 rating, we concluded: "If you don’t mind that the game isn’t terribly challenging, it’s well worth playing. The laser focused design paints a bleak, but still hopeful world, and the wordless narrative has a powerful conclusion that brought us right up to the brink of tears."

Let us hope the sequel retains those qualities and we get an even better game as a result. Are you interested in checking out FAR: Changing Tides? Learn to sail in the comments below.