Returnal is a game that concerns itself with cycles, trapping protagonist Selene in an endless loop in which she can't die. The intimidating world of Atropos shifts and changes between cycles, and players must go through dozens of runs in order to fight their way through the PlayStation 5 exclusive. We all know this already, but that hasn't stopped Housemarque and Sony from producing a short promotional film that emphasises the game's strengths with real style.

The game's director, Harry Krueger, is joined by marketing director Mikael Haveri, and they walk together in a remote, snow-covered forest, filming a dev diary. As they discuss the game and point out its various features, the pair find themselves in a mysterious loop of their own. It's a well-produced featurette, and worth watching if you have a spare 12 minutes. Again, the promo doesn't tell us anything new about the game itself, but we appreciate the effort that's gone into it.

The rogue-like shooter was recently patched, fixing numerous bugs and crashes. Have you been enjoying Returnal? What do you think of this video? Go left (or right) in the comments section below.