We're absolutely on board with Hot Wheels Unleashed, which looks like good, clean, toy car racing fun. While the drifty, jumpy handling appears to be a blast, the environments surrounding the action will make or break some of the tracks. In this latest trailer, the game takes us to a college campus, where elaborate courses weave through desks, bookshelves, ceiling tiles, and hallways.

More than the garage or skyscraper locations shown previously, this one brings Micro Machines to mind. Seeing the small scale of all the cars racing through the campus is great. Hopefully we see more environments like this — visually interesting spaces that feel giant.

The game still has some way to go — it's not out on PlayStation 5 and PS4 until the end of September — but it's looking pretty promising. What do you think of Hot Wheels Unleashed's latest environment? Are you excited to play this? Fasten your seatbelts in the comments section below.

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