Right, it's time to own up: which one of you lot asked for this? Hentai vs. Evil hits PlayStation 5 and PS4 this Thursday for $9.99, realising the dreams of whoever has wondered whether hentai or literal evil is better. Which side are you on, then? Maybe the trailer embedded above can give you a better idea if you're stuck choosing.

Scantily clad anime ladies seem to be pitched as being on the good side here, with footage only ever portraying them as the ones taking down grim reapers, zombies, and monsters. A press release reads: "Hentai vs. Evil is an action-packed romp through sprawling open-world stages where survival horror is balanced against lighthearted “fanservice” presentation. Each playable heroine is fully customizable, from body shape and hairstyle to clothing and accessories. Multiple play modes and difficulty settings allow players to decide their approach to missions, offering ample replay value to take up arms against demons, orcs and zombie hordes."

There will be three playable characters, all of which are fully customisable. Stages are said to be fairly open, there'll be lots of different weapons to take advantage of, and power-ups "make sure no waifu gets left behind". Those are the press release's words, not ours. So while "Evil" isn't actually playable, which side are you backing? Hentai or evil? Have your say in the comments below.

Who will win?