Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight Berserk

The Final Fantasy XIV community has been known to organise some impressive gatherings for real-world causes, and this latest show of support is no different. Following the sad passing of Berserk creator, author, and artist Kentaro Miura, players have taken to the virtual streets in order to pay their respects.

As captured by @localhyurzen on Twitter, Dark Knight players are standing side by side to honour Miura. At the time of writing, the vigil has been going on for hours, and we've heard that the line is only getting bigger. It's a fantastic and touching sight, and similar gatherings are happening on Final Fantasy XIV's other servers as well.

If you're wondering why everyone's a Dark Knight, it's because the general design has a lot in common with Berserk's main character, Guts. Both wield huge, two-handed swords, are heavily armoured, and utilise a powerful fighting style.

Miura may be gone, but there's no doubt that his work will continue to bring people together.