Beautiful Desolation is an oxymoron if ever we’ve heard one, but it’s also the name of an upcoming PlayStation 4 sci-fi adventure set in a post-apocalyptic South Africa. This is an isometric exploration game similar in style to the old Fallout titles, although the developer is important to note that it’s not an RPG.

The blurb elaborates: “The core of the gameplay is about exploring this twisted, sci-fi African setting, meeting bizarre characters, making story defining dialogue choices, and solving a few puzzles. There are some additional minigames here and there and optional combat encounters along the way, too.” It looks old-school in a good way, but you can see for yourself courtesy of the embedded footage.

The game’s due out on 28th May for PS4, and features a sprawling world with over “40 unique and bizarre characters, each fully voiced by authentic African voice actors, with thousands of lines of dialogue and multiple conversation paths”. It’s also packing a soundtrack by Mick Gordon, who’s perhaps best known for his work on the DOOM franchise.