If you’ve been reading Push Square since the beginning – and that’s impressive if you have as we’ve been at this over 12 years now – then you’ll know that we’ve been writing about the Uncharted movie throughout the entire lifecycle of the site. This is somewhat of a milestone moment, then: two seconds of footage from the finished film.

The clip has been released as part of a Sony promotional piece (at around 1:32), and there’s no audio. We see Mark Wahlberg – who’s playing Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan – at some kind of black tie event, where Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake appears to be working as a waiter. It’s a blink and you’ll miss it clip, but should be long enough for you to appreciate that Sully doesn’t have his ‘stache.

Obviously, we’re still waiting for the film’s first trailer to drop, ahead of the movie’s February release date. Like the new still image that dropped earlier in the week, it’s hard to infer anything from snippets of this size – but we’re hopeful the film’s promotional cycle will start soon. It’s been a long road to this point, readers!

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