The Ace Attorney series finally came to PlayStation with the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, but what do you do once you've finished those off? If you're looking for more courtroom drama, you're in luck: Capcom has just announced The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for PS4, coming to the system worldwide on 27th July.

This doesn't come as a huge surprise; the game was leaked as part of the attack on the publisher, and was later spotted on the Taiwanese ratings website. So, what's this all about? The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles brings two previously Japan-only titles to the West for the first time, bundling the pair of visual novels together in one package.

It takes the beloved Phoenix Wright formula back in time, following the spiky-haired lawyer's ancestor, Ryunosuke. He travels from his native Japan to Europe, where he meets all kinds of weird and wonderful characters and defends his clients in 10 court cases across the two games.

More than just porting the two titles to PS4, the collection adds in a few extras. An optional Story Mode removes the challenge and lets you enjoy the narrative stress free. There will also be a gallery of artwork to look through with commentary from the art director, and you'll be able to swap between English and Japanese dialogue.

We're looking forward to checking these out. Are you excited to play The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles? Make your case in the comments section below.