Returnal PS5 PlayStation 5

Returnal is on the brink of release on PlayStation 5, and the good news is it's an excellent arcade shooter. Housemarque's latest is its biggest game by far, and it combines the studio's arcade expertise with a third person perspective and rogue-like elements to great effect.

For our review, we played the game without the day one patch, and noted some tiny performance hitches and bugs here and there. However, the update is rolling out right now in time for launch (obviously), and it promises to make a slew of fixes to the experience.

Weighing in at 10.4GB, the patch is pretty beefy, but it seems like it'll be an important one. It apparently makes further optimisations to performance, adjusts some gameplay balancing, adds a little more visual and audio polish, and fixes a number of bugs. The patch will also include a couple of extra tutorials — viewable in the pause menu, by the way.

The game runs very well without the patch, so we're excited to fire it up with the update installed to see the changes. Will you be playing Returnal on launch day? Break the cycle in the comments section below.