After the incredible Resident Evil 7: Biohazard on PSVR, we’ve been hoping for some form of Resident Evil Village announcement. Sadly, we’re no longer holding our breath for that – but we’d never have bargained for a Resident Evil 4 VR announcement to fill the void. That’s exactly what was announced overnight, however, with development being led by ex-Metroid Prime developers Armature.

This conversion transfers the series’ trademark third-person gameplay to a first-person perspective, and sees you physically wielding Leon S Kennedy’s arsenal of firearms. Unfortunately, the re-release will be exclusive to Oculus Quest 2 – in fact, Facebook is not even bringing this one to the original Oculus Quest headset or its PC-based Oculus Rift S.

What are the chances of a PlayStation port, then – especially with next-gen PSVR around the corner? Well, it looks like Oculus Studios is involved in the development of this, so we’re going to say low. However, we wouldn’t rule it out entirely – we all know Capcom loves to flog Resident Evil 4 wherever it possibly can, and bringing this to other platforms at a later date surely makes sense.

Of course, it’s worth remembering that Sony purchased exclusivity for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s virtual reality mode, and it hasn’t released anywhere else. Still, considering how iconic this game is, we’d absolutely love to experience it from another perspective, so let’s hope PlayStation is on the phone with Capcom and can convince them to port this once its deal with Oculus has expired.