Update 2: It looks like Sony's found the right button to push at last. The new Returnal trailer is back, and we've embedded the YouTube video above for your viewing pleasure. What a kerfuffle!

Update: Ah. It seems the video made it to the Internet a little earlier than planned, as it's just been pulled. We did suspect it was a leak when there wasn't any follow-up information on PlayStation Blog. If and when the video makes its return to the web, we'll be sure to update this article once again. Whoops!

Original Story: Returnal just keeps on looking better and better. In this new gameplay trailer, discovered on Vimeo rather than YouTube, we get a view on a handful of the enemies Selene will be fending off in this arcadey third person shooter.

As always, the action is looking super slick, and the tentacled hostiles are stylish and creepy. We particularly like the Infected Scout, which sees one of Selene's previous corpses reanimated with a mass of tentacles lurching it forward. It's horribly cool. There's also a glimpse at a boss fight against something called Ixion, which looks pretty intimidating with its spew of projectiles.

There's just a couple of weeks to go before we can explore the dangerous world of Atropos for ourselves. Are you excited for Returnal? Tell us in the comments section below.

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