Alright, so this is a tricky one. Lemnis Gate is a multiplayer first person shooter, but it's set within a time loop, and it's also turn-based. The above trailer might look like a regular competitive run n' gunner, but there's more to its gameplay that isn't obvious in the video.

Each match contains five rounds, and each of those rounds sees players taking it in turns to complete objectives or kill opponents within a 25 second period. So, one player will use that time to run through the stage, and maybe capture a point on the map. Then, control moves to player two, and time is rewound. The second player may then use that same 25 seconds to either try and take care of player one's actions, or secure an objective of their own. This back-and-forth process repeats until you have what looks like a 5v5 game happening in just 25 seconds.

If you're still struggling to grasp the concept, the developers explain it nicely in this video.

It's a really interesting premise. The game was announced last year for PlayStation 4, but it's now been confirmed for a PS5 version too. Both iterations of the shooter will be launching in the summer of 2021. What do you think of Lemnis Gate? Will you be giving this one a try? Take turns in the comments section below.